About Us

Opsisarchitects initiated its creative path in architecture and design over a decade ago in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then, opsisarchitects has a dynamic presence and constantly searches for the relationship between architecture, everyday life, the physical and social environment.

Architect Fay MITROUDI, who inspired and established opsisarchitects joined forces with architect Maria NTOUMA, who has been active since 2006 in Athens. Opsisarchitects is currently based in Kafalari, Athens, supported by a team of all related disciplines, including civil engineers, topographers, engineers, designers and artists.

Based on our principle that everything that surrounds us and stimulates our senses can inspire the design of smaller or larger projects, our vision for architecture has no restrictions, no limits and balances between science and art.

We continue to create believing that architecture supports everyone’s hopes. 

Maria Ntouma 

Architect - designer

Fay Mitroudi

Architect - designer

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